our team.


khang pham.


hey everyone! i'm khang, shadow's project director. i'm a 16 year old computer science student who's also passionate about design. though i'm pursuing a career in the field of computer science, i've also explored a variety of other areas in engineering, such as architecture, robotics, and product design. as a student, i'm oriented towards math and sciences, and as for hobbies and interests aside from academics, i love listening to music and spending time with friends. its nice to meet you all and i can't wait for what shadow bunny has to offer in the future!


aisha savane.


 Hi! I’m Aisha and I am the Project Manager for Shadow Bunny. I’m 17 years old and a senior in high school in Brooklyn, New York. I have always had a strong interest in biomedical and life sciences and am currently pursuing an Associates Degree in Biology alongside my high school diploma. Outside of science, I enjoy all things fashion and cosmetics. As someone is extremely passionate about pursuing my own endeavors, I am delighted to help other people do the same! 

Hello! My name is Salma and I am the director of technology here at shadow bunny! Things I am passionate about is literature, art, and helping others. I am interested in pursuing a career in education. My hobbies include reading, drawing, and advocating for education reform across America. I am delighted to help others find their career paths and learn! 


marisa syed.

hi everyone! my name is marisa syed. i am the co-director of shadow bunny! i have always had an interest in medicine. some of my other interests include advocating for criminal justice reform and racial issues. i also like reading and writing. i can’t wait to work with all of you!!


zain zaidi.

hi everyone! i'm zain zaidi, the co-director of shadow bunny! i have had an interest in medicine since grade five and want to go into interventional cardiology. otherwise, i am an avid advocate for lgbtq+ rights and racial issues within classrooms, districts, and schools across new jersey. other than that, i enjoy riding my bike and reading. i'm excited to be working with you!


dominique gale.


hi friends! my name is dominique gale and I’m the social media director for shadow bunny! i’m a 16-year-old sophomore living in new jersey! like most of you, i too have a love for science and medicine! i particularly enjoy dermatology and cosmetic medicine! In school, outside of academics, i focus on outreach and demographic research regarding my community in northern new jersey! In my free time, I enjoy experimenting with makeup, baking, and hanging out with friends. it’s a pleasure to meet you all and i’m so excited to work with you!

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salma mesharafa.


rebekah wang.


hi everyone! my name is rebekah wang and i’m shadow bunny’s director of outreach. i’m currently in high school and am interested in pursuing a career in computer science. beyond that, i also enjoy studying math and physics, along with other sciences. other than academics, i love to sing, listen to music, read, and hang out with my friends. i’m excited to work with you all, along with shadow bunny, to help people find new opportunities!

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