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shadow bunny was created in response to the ongoing pandemic. due to covid-19, many in-person shadowing and clinical opportunities have been annulled. this has disrupted the paths of thousands of pre-health students as these hours are crucial for the academic and professional development needed for a successful health program applicant. students interested in pursuing a career in medicine, nursing, pharmacy, research, physical therapy, or are just curious are encouraged to attend. shadow bunny was built to accommodate the lives of students, giving options to attend the live zoom or review the video at a later time. students can receive a certificate verifying their participation in the program, upon completing a short assessment following the session. we host various health professionals from different backgrounds to talk about their job, education, extracurricular activities, admissions process, daily tasks, interesting cases, tips, and more. check out the schedule to view upcoming events.

certificates and awards.


while much has been written on the philosophy and promise of interdisciplinarity in academic programs and professional practice, social scientists are increasingly interrogating academic discourses on interdisciplinarity, as well as how interdisciplinarity actually works—and does not—in practice.

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